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Links coming from comment or forum spam. First, it may be necessary for a little old-fashioned parental discipline Rev. To this church that is so close to being cast out from the presence of God, the greatest promises are given. Jesus wants to linger over a meal with them Rev. Then He promises them the opportunity to sit with Him on His throne Rev. How does this happen? It seems that although the battle has been won, some people are still persistently hanging on to evil and to the powers of darkness. And thus, it will continue until the second coming of Jesus.

That's right. It is the only church that gets no commendation from Christ. The good news is that Christ is knocking at the door and is willing to come in.

lukewarm bathwater or apocalypse Manual

Without Christ, this church has nothing to offer. Laodicea was the wealthiest of the seven cities in Asia by then. It was well known for its flourishing banking industry, manufacture of wool, and a medical school which produced eye-salve. But this church had become lukewarm and thus were not strict Christians adherents.

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The believers didn't stand for anything. By neglecting to do anything for Christ, the church had become hardened and self-satisfied.

They felt fulfilled, and thus didn't have Christ's presence in them. He knocked at the door of their hearts, but they were so busy enjoying their worldly pleasures that they didn't notice He was trying to enter. Laodicea was known for its great wealth- but Christ told them to buy their gold from Him. Christ was telling them true value was not in material possessions and achievements were valueless compared with everlasting future of Christ's Kingdom. Why does God reveal to John the great promise of salvation to this lukewarm and even lazy church?

lukewarm bath

Miserable, wretched, poor, naked and blind--these 5 indicate a serious lack of that which separates us from God and His purpose for us. It is mending the separation that's important for all! Mend and we heal; don't mend and there's perdition. Lukewarmness basically is a 'don't care' attitude; why have such? Let's mend the breach, folk. To be miserable, wretched, poor, naked and blind is to say we're not for God and don't care.

Why be in such a state and just not care? So we're down to the last church, the people of judgement- prophetically that means us, God's present day church. There is no commendation for Ladodicea, but stern rebuke, a true assessment of our condition of lukewarmness, but it's is also a call to repentance and to heed the invitation of "the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness" Rev. It is not a hopeless situation. The hot bath water used in the famous Laodicean health resorts, often lost its steam after traveling for miles through the pipelines to reach its destination.

Obviously, this rendered it practically useless for the purpose of providing the hot baths that the spa was famed for. As well, the mineral rich water, when taken lukewarm, became insipid to the taste. Most of us, I think, have experienced tasting water that is neither cold nor hot and it's so horrible that you want to spit it out of your mouth, right? Well, this is our spiritual diagnosis given in the letter to laodicea, but if we accept the remedy prescribed in Rev. So as people of judgement, the last light-bearers before Jesus returns, let us take courage and allow the reproofs to touch our hearts as we realize how wretched, naked, poor, blind and naked we are, so that God's promises and purposes may be realized in us.

Remember Jesus invites us to supper with Him but we must have on the wedding garment. The judgement has set,The books have been opened; How shall we stand in that great day, When every thought, and word, and action, God, the righteous Judge, shall weigh?

See a Problem?

How shall we stand in that great day? Shall we be found before Him wanting?

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Or with our sins all washed away? It's almost like a dream to read about this church. Are they for real? Can we be so blind naked and poor? May we take Jesus advice seriously invite Him in and get to know Him daily He's our only hope in this controversy. The battle is His These lessons are so powerful and relavent for today May we all seek to feast daily on these words of life. Luke warm people do not live by faith; their lives are structured so they never have to.

This last church reminds me of the parable Jesus told about the "Rich Fool" we find in Luke To be miserable, wretched, poor, naked and blind is to be total indifferent to Jesus's love. At least we find encouragement from Paul's pen in Romans Who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God- through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin. Revelation "Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him and he with Me. This is the work that will place the Seal of God upon His Servants.

lukewarm bath

What Jesus bids us to buy of Him is purchased through repentance, and the results will be a church that is Holy, even as God is Holy. It is from Laodicea that the , will come. No trace of sin will be found in them symbolized by the gold, white robe and eye salve who are presented faultless before God's glory. In this group the restoration is complete, and God will be glorified in them Isa And they strain out a knat but swallow a camel.